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TABIP plans to appoint fellows as part of our “Point of Contact Fellowship Program (PoCFP)” with the required qualifications. Submit an application if you are an international PhD student. PoCFP for PhD students allows you to carry out long-term goals. Applicants can be native or international but should live in a country other than the Republic of Turkey. PhD students, and also Post-Doc researchers, of all nationalities and disciplines may apply to the “Point of Contact Fellowship Programme” at any time. The PoCFP grants 10 fellowships per year. PoCFP offers you a monthly allowance of 1000 EUR, for a maximum duration of 10 months, renewable annually*.

*For Sub-Saharan African countries, the monthly allowance shall be 500 EUR, for a maximum duration of 10 months, renewable annually.

Application Requirements

1. Currently do a PhD or be a Post-Doc researcher in a university

2. No restrictions to travel

3. Be able to speak at least two languages, including a good command of English

4. Currently living in a country other than the Republic of Turkey

5. Be a young researcher, ages 23-40

6. At least one year of professional experience at the time of application

7. Have a track record of making an impact in their community, organisation or company

Application and Selection Procedure

Applicants should provide the following required documents via e-mail.

  • Application form will appear here when you login.
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae (Photo is required)
  • Motivation / Cover Letter (indicate your available monthly time schedule) (.pdf document, max. 2 pages)
  • Your Research Outline
  • Complete List of Publications, if any
  • At Least One Article / Publication as a Sample (.pdf document, max. 10 MB)
  • Two Reference Letters
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Copy of ID or Passport (.png or .pdf, max. 10 MB)
  • Certificates, if any (max. 5)

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that he or she has submitted all the necessary documents.

All of the above mentioned documents must be sent by

 e-mail: pocfp@tabip.global

We will confirm your application by e-mail once received. After the application has been checked to ensure that it meets the formal requirements, applicants will be notified about the selection. If required, our responsible team may need to make an online audition. If your application is not approved, you will also be notified. Applicants who have been rejected may submit a revised application whenever they would like to.

What We Expect From You

Participants of PoCFP are expected to undertake the following tasks in the country or region they are studying and living:

  • To conduct work that will support TABIP’s academic and scientific cooperation network;
  • To act in compliance with TABIP’s mission, vision and other guidelines;
  • To develop policies, produce reports and extend the requested support in your region and / or field;
  • To organise events and attend to these events (in this case transportation and accommodation costs will be covered by TABIP and TABIP will provide you organisational support);
  • To follow the academic, scientific, technological and industrial developments in the host countries in line with the project’s mission and vision;
  • To follow scientific and academic publications, sources and networks and to share them with TABIP network;
  • To attend global and local events and projects (in this case transportation and accommodation costs will be covered by TABIP);
  • To prepare monthly reports on their own research areas (the content of the reports will be determined by TABIP teams);
  • To take part in TABIP-approved academic and scientific studies; to identify and report about accomplished universities, science centres and techno-parks, and to work and develop projects to establish cooperation and partnership with similar and equivalent institutions all over the world;
  • To guide students of all levels who wish to study in Turkey and researchers who wish to have academic and scientific studies in Turkey;
  • And other tasks assigned by TABIP team as part of PoCFP.

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